Radio interview VARA Radio 1

Bianca Pastoors from De Wever and Martijn ten Bhömer from TU/e were interviewed for the VARA Radio 1 program "De Gids". The interview in which Vibe-ing and Vigour were demonstrated was broadcasted in the radio show on 29th October 2013.

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Interview Trouw newspaper

Oscar Tomico and Martijn ten Bhömer were interviewed by Dutch national newspaper Trouw. An article featuring Vibe-ing and Vigour was published in the Saturday edition "Tijd" of 26th October 2013.

Research Poster CIMTEC

Journal article: "Research through design: a way to drive innovative solutions in the field of smart textiles"

Toeters, M., ten Bhömer, M., Bottenberg, E., Tomico, O., & Brinks, G. (2013). Research through design: a way to drive innovative solutions in the field of smart textiles. Advances in Science and Technology, 80, 112–117.

Draping using the fabric created by the CRISP STS team and Textiel Museum

Results beta textiles workshop at Waag Society


Friday the 29th of June the workshop “Beta textiles, textile and code” was hosted by Waag Society in Amsterdam. A group of 30 fashion designers, architects, interaction designers, programmers and textile developers collaborated around mannequins to investigate the interesting combination of textile and interactive technology. Among the inventions of the workshop were a skirt that can change length, a “pretty fly for a Wifi’ musical sweater, and a garment that will keep you warm when walking outside.
Opening CIMTEC
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