Design Review Sessions 6: Prototyping for science

CRISP's next Design Review Sessions will be held in Delft at 'Lijm en Cultuur' on April 17th. The day is entitled Prototyping for Science and is concerned with insights that come forth from testing and validating prototypes during the research process. You are kindly invited to join the DRS 6!


Breakfast talk @ Salone del Mobile

Saturday 12 April, 10.00-12.00, Milano 


Organised by Design Academy Eindhoven with support of CRISP and Stimuleringsfonds




Connected! CRISP Visits #4 @ Océ

Tuesday 18 March 15.30-17.30


How design research became ingrained in PSS development at Océ. And what’s next.



Workshop PSS design in the age of digital fabrication. Who's designing now?

When we design PSS in CRISP we sometimes leave the relationship between the designer of a PSS and providers and users of the implemented PSS aside. We assume the design is complete once providers and users engage with the implemented PSS. However, there are examples where users and providers are designers too: customising, finishing and creating designs as part of the PSS.

Colors of Care

9th International Conference on Design & Emotion: Call for papers

A few CRISP members are involved with organising the 9th International Conference on Design & Emotion. Please find more information below and on their website.

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