The New Aging - in style

On the 18th of March the Waag Society has organized an interesting event about the new aging. In this second edition of Careful Designs, the Waag will review questions like: how do we want to design our future? How to prepare our society and how does connectedness play a role in this new society?


Workshop: PSS design in the age of digital fabrication

On the 4th of March 2014, the Waag Society and the Design Academy Eindhoven organized a workshop evaluating the relationship between the designer of a PSS and the providers and users of the PSS. In the workshop the assumption that the design is complete once the providers and users engage with the PSS was tested by answering some interesting questions:


Summary CRISP Visits #3: Ranj

Reaction from Pepijn Rijnbout, PhD candidate at Playful Interactions at TU/e: “The collaboration between science and business was discussed multiple times at the CRISP Visits to Ranj. Ranj is a dynamic company in which most projects do not have a long timespan.


Insights from the Cross Over Workshop

In a Cross Over workshop initiated by PJ Stappers (EB), and facilitated by Remko van der Lugt (lector co-design Hogeschool Utrecht) nineteen CRISP members (project leaders, secundants and Executive Board) built an overarching picture of CRISP and themes to address by using context mapping.

Happy holidays!

We want to thank everyone involved in the CRISP project for their hard work and contribution in the year 2013. With a couple of more days until Christmas eve we already want to wish everyone a happy holiday and the best wishes for next year!

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