Alice in Kunstbeeld

Caredroid Alice from the SELEMCA project is now featured in the May edition of Kunstbeeld. Kunstbeeld is a Dutch magazine depicting todays art in different themes. The theme of this month is loneliness.


EU2016 Creative Challenge Call

From the 1st of January till the 30th of June the Netherlands will host a major cultural festival in Amsterdam. The Future Europe Festival will feature performing arts, visual design and storytelling. The festival will be part of the Cultural Programme accompanying the Netherlands’ chairmanship of the European Union.


Active Cues places first Tovertafel and wins New Venture award!

Some great news this month for the G-MOTIV project Active Cues. On March 11, the first ‘Tovertafel’ was revealed at Viattence in Heerde. This means the first product of Active Cues is now officially in use. As a surprise for the elderly, the table was wrapped as a present, revealed and immediately tested.


The Design Professional: Inaugural Lecture of Prof. dr. Dirk Snelders

Why is it that IDE graduates apply to many jobs that do not specify an IDE educational profile? How distinct are the design capabilities of IDE-graduates from that of other Delft engineers? -and from graduates of other schools on industrial design?

IDE Master Classes 2015

In 2013, TU Delft launched the first series of two-day, state-of-the-art IDE Master Classes; given by leading lecturers from our faculty. We are proud to say that since then, all the Master Classes were well attended and were evaluated positively.

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