CRISP Repository Now Online!

We are very proud to announce the CRISP Repository!  All results of four year CRISP are now available online. Information on all CRISP projects, prototypes, themes and domains can now be found in the CRISP Repository. Every prototype from the several projects is described in detail and will give you more in depth insights in the outcome of the CRISP research.


CRISP #5 Magazine

For the last two years, the CRISP magazine has been a great way to communicate CRISP results, discussions and interesting questions within and outside the CRISP community. In the fifth and last edition of the CRISP magazine,  we look back and reflect on four years of CRISP.


Tech Meets Design: Innovation Exchange

Accenture presents, in collaboration with partners Wearable Senses TU/e and Bright, a new perspective on the future meaning of wearable products and services in areas such as fashion, consumer wellbeing and healthcare. During the event Tech Meets Design: Innovation Exchange visitors will experience the possibilities that new innovations bring


Smart Textile Services at Openluchthotel 2015

On 23rd,24th and 25th of May, work from the CRISP Smart Textile Services project will be shown at Openluchthotel 2015 in Leiden. Openluchthotel is a cultural pop-up hotel in the open air in which the work of international artists and local talent is on display. At this festival, music is interspersed with dance, art and poetry.


New book by Kees Dorst: Frame Innovation

A new book written by CRISP advisory board member Keest Dorst is now published. In Frame Innovation,  Kees Dorst describes a new innovation-centred approach to problem-solving in organisations. New strategies are presented that surpass the borrowed tricks and techniques that usually characterise the term Design Thinking.

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