GRIP @ Ventura Lambrate 2015

New Relaxation Space open for visitors at GGzE


Visitors are welcome to see and experience the new Relaxation Space at the GGzE.
GGzE Open Day for Public, Saturday March 21st from 13:00-17:00.
Eindhoven, GGzE, Landgoed de Grote Beek, Doctor Poletlaan 15 (follow signs to P8).
Pakhuis De Zwijger
Adaptive relaxation space at the Hospital + Innovation Congress

Adaptive relaxation space exhibited and evaluated in Denmark

The original relaxation space was built-up at the ExperienceLab of Philips. Several evaluations were conducted with the working community as well as with experts in the field of stress management, relaxation training and design. These initial results turned out to be promising and the prototype caught interest of various parties.

GRIP relaxation space

GRIP Relaxation Space

The GRIP relaxation space offers employees an adaptive environment that reacts to their presence by creating a personal space, varying in size, soundscape and animated light. The environment stimulates paced breathing, meditation and helps employees to become more aware and in control of their personal response to stressors and relaxation.


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