Halfway our workshop in Amsterdam during the WDCD break out sessions, the conference photographer came down from the stairs, sniffing, to ask why he was suddenly confronted with the smell of his winter coat on a damp day.
I published an article about robots in healthcare for the online magazine 'Waterstof' of the 'Waterlandstichting'.

SELEMCA will go 'on tour' the coming month. A list of the events where you can find us:

7-8 november: Matthijs Pontier will present a paper on 'Robots that Stimulate Autonomy' at the 25th Benelux Artificial Intelligence Conference. The paper and the slides can be found in the links below:


Visitors are welcome to see and experience the new Relaxation Space at the GGzE.
GGzE Open Day for Public, Saturday March 21st from 13:00-17:00.
Eindhoven, GGzE, Landgoed de Grote Beek, Doctor Poletlaan 15 (follow signs to P8).