At Undercurrent, floating but docked on the north embankment of Amsterdam's IJ, CRISP's fourth Design Review Sessions marks the mid point of its four-year programme. Introduction and keynote speeches highlighted an especially proactive day filled with project presentations, discussions, and networking between all members of the eight different CRISP projects.

Exciting companies in the CRISP network invite CRISP’s young generation researchers in a new series of events: CRISP Visits. It is an opportunity to meet CRISP partners you wouldn’t run into in the elevator, but should. These light-hearted functions are aimed at widening the scope of researchers and partners and for the researchers to meet their peers.

Could we draw your attention to our third CRISP Visit? This series of company visits focuses on how CRISP research can / is implemented in practice, furthermore it’s a great opportunity to have an informal chat among CRISP members. It will be held the 28th of January with Ranj in Rotterdam.

For more information and how to apply, refer to the below!

On 22 April Wei Liu successfully defended his thesis about ‘Generation Y Interactions: Making the Office Catch Up. Wei Liu is currently involved in PSS101 of CRISP. The thesis of Wei Liu is about interaction in the public work context of Generation Y (born in the 1980s and early 90s).

Veylinx is now participating in the Insight Innovation Competition for the best market research idea and needs your help to reach the finals in the US!

On the 4th of March 2014, the Waag Society and the Design Academy Eindhoven organized a workshop evaluating the relationship between the designer of a PSS and the providers and users of the PSS. In the workshop the assumption that the design is complete once the providers and users engage with the PSS was tested by answering some interesting questions: