One of our longest running testbeds, Skewiel Mobiel, started a few years before the CRISP research community was formed. It became a satisfying service for elderly who are otherwise unable to leave their homes. Many customers are attached to the service and they have adopted it in such a way that it started to play an indelible role in their daily lives. Weaknesses have also been found, such as the low and sometimes dangerous top speed of 40 kph, the limited range of destinations, and the Spartan comfort of the customized electric golf cart, the GEM e4. After 4 years of running and running research, it was time to replace it for an new and improved electric vehicle.

I published an article about robots in healthcare for the online magazine 'Waterstof' of the 'Waterlandstichting'.

On my way to the AIAI13 conference, I was interviewed by a journalist of 'Nederlands Dagblad' about the potential of robots to prevent loneliness.

On the 20th of October, CRISP project GRIP will present at the PROUD Proms seminar. The PROUD Proms is an exchange event on co-design for everyone interested in co-design and human centered design. In a pitch of 90 seconds, the core of the project will be conveyed. The seminar is open for everyone to visit and takes place in the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

GRIP project member Mike Thompson and Arne Hendriks invite you to visit their research project – the FATBERG. The FATBERG emerged during the 2014 edition of the Dutch Design Week and shows the physical and biological constitution of fat, its dependency of its environment and how it is preserved and rendered.