To investigate the different kinds of expertise necessary for the development of Smart Textile Services we initiated an assignment to develop new Smart Textile Services concepts for elderly that can be used during rehabilitation (ten Bhömer, et all 2012) and executed this project in 2 different institutes: Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Eindhoven University of Technology.

This report highlights the contribution of V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media to the CRISP Smart Textile Services project. V2_s main aim within this project was to stimulate innovation through artistic Research & Development (aRt&D).

At 17 December at the Waag Open Space there will be an open workshop about hypercrafting smart textiles for well-being. At the event the future of smart textiles in health care will be discussed. Several interesting topics will be addressed; how can we get users to participate? Which technological solutions are already there?

From 21 January 2015 till 22 February 2015, the Textiel Museum in Tilburg has several Smart Textile Services prototypes on display. The exhibition shows visitors the value of Smart Textiles in Product Service Systems and explains the goal of the project and how it all started.

Accenture presents, in collaboration with partners Wearable Senses TU/e and Bright, a new perspective on the future meaning of wearable products and services in areas such as fashion, consumer wellbeing and healthcare. During the event Tech Meets Design: Innovation Exchange visitors will experience the possibilities that new innovations bring