CRISP organizes the fourth Design Review Sessions in Amsterdam at Wednesday 24 April. The fourth of eight, this midterm DRS marks a special moment in the programme!

A lot of photos were made at the fourth CRISP Design Review Session. Hereby a selection of the photos.


On the 24th of April the fourth Design Review Session was held at an extraordinary location that floats on the IJ, the river behind Amsterdam CS.

At Undercurrent, floating but docked on the north embankment of Amsterdam's IJ, CRISP's fourth Design Review Sessions marks the mid point of its four-year programme. Introduction and keynote speeches highlighted an especially proactive day filled with project presentations, discussions, and networking between all members of the eight different CRISP projects.

CRISP # 1 magazine is published online! 
"Don't you design chairs anymore?" represents and discusses the changing role of designers due to their involvement in strategic issues and  the challenges that are involved in developing complex product service systems, like robots in healthcare.

Valentijn Visch project leader G-Motiv

Watch the photos made at CRISP DRS 5 here!


Photos by Wouter Hesterman

Taking you through the Design Review Sessions 5, this report provides a summary of all speeches, the key note and the afternoon workshops. 

The field of Design research is growing quickly. Often academic conferences focus on specific topics, the Design Research conference in Umea (Sweden, June 2014) questioned big societal issues to push the boundaries of design research.

CRISP has entered its final year of research. This is the moment to give an extra push to disseminating the knowledge we gained to the community, the creative industry and the society at large.