Barely arrived at the SELEMCA lab or Alice and DARwIn had to perform for the general public during the 8th PhDO session of Waag Society (link). The PhDO sessions are a regular update of relevant topics in academia for artists as well as professionals in the Creative Industries.

During a Breakout session that will introduce the Dutch Creative Council, Paul Hekkert will speak about: What Research Can Do for and with Design. It is part of the parallel programme of the event: 'What Design Can Do', May 16th, from 14 -15.30 pm in the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam. The entire programme can be found in the attachment.

Networked Collaboration Canvas, June 25, 2013 at ICE conference, the Hague
In order to get a better grip on the networked nature of collaborations in PSS development a networked collaboration canvas has been developed addressing the interactions between actors and objects involved in PSS development.
CRISP # 1 magazine is published online! 
"Don't you design chairs anymore?" represents and discusses the changing role of designers due to their involvement in strategic issues and  the challenges that are involved in developing complex product service systems, like robots in healthcare.

Exciting companies in the CRISP network invite CRISP’s young generation researchers in a new series of events: CRISP Visits. It is an opportunity to meet CRISP partners you wouldn’t run into in the elevator, but should. These light-hearted functions are aimed at widening the scope of researchers and partners and for the researchers to meet their peers.

Reaction from Pepijn Rijnbout, PhD candidate at Playful Interactions at TU/e: “The collaboration between science and business was discussed multiple times at the CRISP Visits to Ranj. Ranj is a dynamic company in which most projects do not have a long timespan.

10 April there will be a symposium on User Centered Design for Small and Medium Enterprises to celebrate the doctorate of Christinne de Lille. In the morning, several workshops about User Centered Design techniques are organized. We are glad to announce these workshops will be free of cost for every CRISP member.

The fourth CRISP Visit was held at Océ, where design research for PSS development has been going on for years, with all its ups and downs. Guido Stompff (senior designer at Océ, member of CASD) kicks off the visit by introducing the company.

On Wednesday the 5th of November, the SusLab Mid Term event will take place at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft. The event will focus on the next level in Design for Sustainability and will discuss the latest developments on:

The Dutch NWO just opened a call for proposals regarding Research Through Design. The Research Through Design programme stimulates research in the fields of architecture, fashion and industrial design. In this call, researchers from universities can propose a project within these themes. Researchers from HBO level can also participate in the call.