Barely arrived at the SELEMCA lab or Alice and DARwIn had to perform for the general public during the 8th PhDO session of Waag Society (link). The PhDO sessions are a regular update of relevant topics in academia for artists as well as professionals in the Creative Industries.

I published an article about robots in healthcare for the online magazine 'Waterstof' of the 'Waterlandstichting'.

Our paper 'Robots that stimulate our autonomy' is accepted for publication in "Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations 2013, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology".

Additionally, I will present the paper 30 september at the AIAI 2013 conference in Pafos, Cyprus

On my way to the AIAI13 conference, I was interviewed by a journalist of 'Nederlands Dagblad' about the potential of robots to prevent loneliness.

At Games for Health Europe, Alessia Cadamuro and Valentijn Visch presented "What remains"  - a prototype that facilitates the intake of Alzheimer’s disease suffering patients in care homes

SELEMCA will go 'on tour' the coming month. A list of the events where you can find us:

7-8 november: Matthijs Pontier will present a paper on 'Robots that Stimulate Autonomy' at the 25th Benelux Artificial Intelligence Conference. The paper and the slides can be found in the links below:

In CRISP magazine #2 "Value Matters", Tanja Enninga and Remko van der Lugt talked about a project from STBY; a dynamic boarding information display for train travellers. The dynamic boarding information display is a 180 meter long LED strip suspended above the train platform.

Grey but Mobile and SELEMCA share research data to improve our collective understanding of the daily lives of the elderly. We investigate the specific needs and desires in relation to the elderly’s well-being in order to conceptualize technological support. Themes that we address are mobility, activities, social life, competence, and autonomy.

What is the value of design and Design Research? With this question as a starting point, researchers from the 3 Technical Universities and Design Academy Eindhoven, partners from the creative industry and key governmental relations explain how a design driven approach can be key for organisations and society.

On the 7th of April the third symposium in the series of Design Research and Practice Symposia will be held in Barcelona. The third symposium is about collaboration and will adresss the relevance of collaborative engagement with other discplines and modes of practice. Theories of collaboration as well as the time and place collaboration emerges will be discussed.