This report highlights the contribution of V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media to the CRISP Smart Textile Services project. V2_s main aim within this project was to stimulate innovation through artistic Research & Development (aRt&D).

Written by Jasmijn van Weenen, CRISP member I-PE, The Patchingzone. In 2012, the Patchingzone launched Streetwise Billboards: a project in which the Patchingzone’s team, together with students of Zadkine South, a Rotterdam based vocational school, are developing an urban street game that not only aims to create playful urban environments but also tries to increase social c

To boost the production of product-service systems in the health domain, SELEMCA recently started collaboration with TU Delft to design robots that support independent living of the elderly (those with light dementia).

At Games for Health Europe, Alessia Cadamuro and Valentijn Visch presented "What remains"  - a prototype that facilitates the intake of Alzheimer’s disease suffering patients in care homes

On the 10th of April in 2014 at the Hogeschool Utrecht a symposium in celebration of the doctorate degree of Christine de Lille is organized. Christine will defend her thesis on User Centered Design for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises the day before on the Delft University of Technology.

To stay in close contact with the care domain, SELEMCA's Margo van Kemenade takes part in the “Think tank @nderswerken van de Vereniging Bedrijfstak Zorg (VBZ).” The VBZ are united healthcare providers in the region Kennemerland, Amstelland, and Meerlanden. In this think tank, innovative care solutions are discussed together with educational, healthcare, and business-partners.