Barely arrived at the SELEMCA lab or Alice and DARwIn had to perform for the general public during the 8th PhDO session of Waag Society (link). The PhDO sessions are a regular update of relevant topics in academia for artists as well as professionals in the Creative Industries.

Scientias interviewed me about my research within SELEMCA and published this article (in Dutch)

The article is a follow-up on the article they published about a year ago

I published an article about robots in healthcare for the online magazine 'Waterstof' of the 'Waterlandstichting'.

Our paper 'Robots that stimulate our autonomy' is accepted for publication in "Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations 2013, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology".

Additionally, I will present the paper 30 september at the AIAI 2013 conference in Pafos, Cyprus

On my way to the AIAI13 conference, I was interviewed by a journalist of 'Nederlands Dagblad' about the potential of robots to prevent loneliness.

To boost the production of product-service systems in the health domain, SELEMCA recently started collaboration with TU Delft to design robots that support independent living of the elderly (those with light dementia).

Report of the 'Robots Supporting Care Day' where I presented the Darwin robot to health care professionals, students and

Hi. People call me MeiMei. But others say Alice. That is because my engineers have put my head on the body of my twin sister. We do not know whether the head is more important to decide who I am. But let us stick to Alice.

SELEMCA will go 'on tour' the coming month. A list of the events where you can find us:

7-8 november: Matthijs Pontier will present a paper on 'Robots that Stimulate Autonomy' at the 25th Benelux Artificial Intelligence Conference. The paper and the slides can be found in the links below:

In October 2013, SELEMCA initiated a project in coorperation with TU Delft to develop robots for elderly with dementia. In the past five months, students from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering have designed products and services with our technology.