Ik ben Alice / Alice cares

Ik ben Alice / Alice cares

'Ik ben Alice' / 'Alice cares' documentary at International Film Festival Rotterdam

On the 23rd of January, the documentary about SELEMCA's healthcare robot Alice will be premiered at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam (director Sander Burger, producer KeyDocs). 'Ik ben Alice' (Alice cares) is about the development and results of the health care robot Alice. Alice is an emotionally intelligent Caredroid that supports elderly at home.  In the future, more and more elderly may become lonely and might develop dementia. The documentary shows whether Alice can replace someone made of flesh and blood to support older people. To find out, Alice is placed in the homes of a number of elderly ladies. The documentary is a remarkable and emotional representation of how technology can be combined with the care for the elderly. VU University is proud of this achievement (link).

For more information, please visit the website of the Rotterdam Film Festival or read the released press kit down below.


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