Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Research centre Design & Technology, chair Smart Functional Materials

Professor: Ger Brinks
In the creative process new materials play an important role in product design. After all, new materials may lead to creations that were inconceivable before. Functionality is the key word, taking into account that materials can be both core materials and materials that form composites or composite products together with the core material. For example by special coating or other finishing processes. By combining knowledge in these areas, a company chooses its materials. And this is where related issues of sustainability, industrialization, manufacturability, cost and supply chain arise.
Connection between creativity, technology and business models
The chair Smart Functional Materials (SFM) focuses on research for innovations in functional materials to be applied in the development and marketing of high quality innovative textile. The research areas of this chair focus on these kinds of choices. When companies develop products they can set themselves apart from competition by applying knowledge, innovation and creativity. Making the connection between creativity, technology and business models is the core of a successful and distinguishing enterprise, where - again - functionality is the key word. This triangle is the core of our chair Smart Functional Materials. Furthermore we respond to the recognition of the importance of knowledge and creativity of the textile industry for the Dutch economy and to the importance of materials technology too. 
Link and impact CRISP
The research group SFM has an outstanding international reputation in technical textile research and modern functionalities to achieve full potentials in textile development. We try to bridge the gap between scientific research and commercial parties with our applied research background and hands-on approach. That is why  the network that CRISP provides is extremely important for Saxion since it strengthens our connections with other Dutch research- and educational institutes. With the Bachelor program in Textile Engineering & Management we help a lot of students to build their international future. Through the CRISP program we stay up-to-date with the current commercial, research and political trends to validate our research and education programs.
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