The Services of Electro-mechanical Care Agencies (SELEMCA) lab is a research facility in Amsterdam dedicated to exploring novel assistive technologies for groups such as elderly persons and people suffering from (mental) health disorders. More specifically, our mandate includes the development of systems built around human interactions with robots, computer-based agents, and virtual worlds. We refer to these systems as Caredroids, devices or software that will provide a variety of medical services.


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SELEMCA & KeyDocs team (photo: Sascha Schalkwijk)


With the celebration of the Eureka Award, all the SELEMCA researchers say goodbye to those who supported us in whatever form.

Thank you, everybody!

The team

Eureka! Take a bath for more robot ideas

Eureka! SELEMCA wins scientific outreach award

Eureka! The SELEMCA team is this year's winner of the national award for scientific outreach (i.e. for the documentary Alice Cares).

Alice in Kunstbeeld, #5

Alice care concept in art magazine

You can find Caredroid Alice in the May edition of Kunstbeeld, which is a Dutch magazine for modern art. This month's theme is whether art can relieve loneliness.


Award nomination: Applied research among care students Inholland regarding care technology

SELEMCA's Margo van Kemenade and 5 students of the HBO-V of Hogeschool Inholland conducted a study into teachers' and students' attitudes with regard to new and upcoming care technology, in particular care robots.

Bold and creative bots

Robots and creative industries: an adventurous relationship

Giep Hagoort, cultural entrepreneur, professor of art and economics at the University of Utrecht / Utrecht School of the Arts, and dean of the Amsterdam School of Management, discusses the influx of creativity in the robotics domain and provides a review of the state-of-the-art along the way. Giep writes:

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