Enhanced Care Service through Improved Mobility for Elderly People (Grey But Mobile) is about improving care-related mobility services for the elderly supporting independent living and social connectivity. Importantly, the quantitative and qualitative effects of these proposed services have to contribute to the improved health of the elderly as well as to the economic efficiency of care.


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Grey but Mobile


Advert for the tellens Belbus

Skewiel Mobiel spreads its wings

After the improvement of mobility PSS Skewiel Mobiel, care provider Zorggroep Tellens decided to copy the service to the area of Littenseradiel. The official opening of Tellens Belbus will be on October 30th in Weidum.


PSS Concept IRIS

Connexxion and the City of Eindhoven addressed the challenge that elderly are not making use of busses in Eindhoven while it did not cost them anything. Early research showed that elderly cannot get into the bus, are afraid not to find a seat, fall or even get lost.


Grey but Mobile @ CRISP DRS 4

Lu Yuan project leader Grey but Mobile 

New Skewiel Mobiel in front of Heemstra State

Introducing the New Skewiel Mobiel

One of our longest running testbeds, Skewiel Mobiel, started a few years before the CRISP research community was formed. It became a satisfying service for elderly who are otherwise unable to leave their homes. Many customers are attached to the service and they have adopted it in such a way that it started to play an indelible role in their daily lives. Weaknesses have also been found, such as the low and sometimes dangerous top speed of 40 kph, the limited range of destinations, and the Spartan comfort of the customized electric golf cart, the GEM e4. After 4 years of running and running research, it was time to replace it for an new and improved electric vehicle.

Aevus pilot Eindhoven 2012

Aevus pilot during Dutch Design Week 2012

During the Dutch Design Week the CRISP project 'Grey but Mobile' will present a pilot called Aevus, in which elderly people can experience a new type of taxi service. Four electric cars will drive them around the centre of Eindhoven, with a taxi driver who will give a hand where needed, without any time pressure.

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