RANJ Serious Games

Ranj serious games is a game development studio specialized in the design and realization of games with a focus on the combination of game principles and subject matter expertise. Ranj, founded in 1999 by Michael Bas and Marcus Vlaar, is one of the most experienced serious games companies in the Netherlands.

A team of 25 game designers, artists, programmers, animators, researchers and didactic experts are exclusively designing and developing serious games. Games for training, education and therapy, or games that otherwise make a positive contribution to society.

Ranj is recognized worldwide as one of the best and most experienced companies in the field of serious gaming. Since its creation, more than 400 games have been produced. To be thought leader is the aim of the company. Over the years, a deep understanding in translating learning goals into immersive game play was established. Ranj knows what works, raises the bar and strives for consistent quality and high impact.

The company is always pushing the creative boundaries. Many of the games received national and international awards, including the Japan Price, the European Innovative Games Award and the Games for Health Europe Game Award.
The products are based on creative and innovative game concepts. Concepts with impact! Games that grab the players and are effective in achieving their educational goals.

Producing serious games is a complex and collaborative process, involving both game designers and technical experts. In this process, Ranj is a reliable partner for its customers, adapted to find workable solutions to complex problems and to understand how games can be implemented in an organization.

Traditional ways are no longer sufficient. How do you get people to change their often deeply ingrained behaviour and take up tasks previously reserved for professionals? How do you move them towards a healthier life style? Or how can they change their behaviour so they fit better in their working environment? This requires touching them emotionally and having them experience the consequences of their behaviour. This requires new and innovative ways of learning and training.

Behavioural change is a special form of learning, for which understanding and insight are essential ingredients. Small improvements in behaviour can have enormous effects. For example: If the body weight of the average person in the Netherlands can be brought down with just one per mille, this will have phenomenal impact on public health and the costs associated with diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart failure.

An undertaking like CRISP’s G-motive helps us to understand the principles involved. From both the psychological and the game design side. We need knowledge in order to build better games. We need a fundamental understanding in the way game mechanics can, or cannot, influence human behavior.

Ranj serious games has set out to innovate the ways we learn, change and train. We believe gaming can help us to be more effective, more efficient but above all have more fun. What better way to achieve this than working together with one of the best renowned technical universities and a long list of partners from both the academic and the business world.


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