Workshop: PSS design in the age of digital fabrication

On the 4th of March 2014, the Waag Society and the Design Academy Eindhoven organized a workshop evaluating the relationship between the designer of a PSS and the providers and users of the PSS. In the workshop the assumption that the design is complete once the providers and users engage with the PSS was tested by answering some interesting questions:

  • What are the consequences for designing PSS?
  • How do roles of designers, but also marketers and business strategists change?
  • How can this ‘loss of design control’ be turned into a force for business and design?
  • What makes fruitful combinations of the top down and bottom up approaches that are inevitably both present in such PSS?
  • How can this be an instrument to grow many small to one-person businesses?
  • Is a new creative industry emerging through such digital fabrication based PSS?

A brief summary of the workshop and its results can be found in the appendix.


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Frank Stemerding