Workshop Beyond Boundaries

Networked Collaboration Canvas, June 25, 2013 at ICE conference, the Hague
In order to get a better grip on the networked nature of collaborations in PSS development a networked collaboration canvas has been developed addressing the interactions between actors and objects involved in PSS development. The Networked Collaboration Canvas covers the entire life cycle of a PSS development process, starting from understanding user needs through generating product service propositions and developing these into implementations. The process is an accumulation of translations and transformations. Participants in the workshop will gain understanding in the networked nature of PSS development, the boundaries faced, and ways to cross these boundaries by applying the current Networked Collaboration Canvas. The goal of the workshop is to get a better understanding of networked collaboration and occurring boundaries by exchanging experiences and good practice. 

More info and details on registration on website ICE 2013:


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Eva Verhoef