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Tech Meets Design: Innovation Exchange

Accenture presents, in collaboration with partners Wearable Senses TU/e and Bright, a new perspective on the future meaning of wearable products and services in areas such as fashion, consumer wellbeing and healthcare. During the event Tech Meets Design: Innovation Exchange visitors will experience the possibilities that new innovations bring to wearables and challenge existing ideas on purpose and design of products and services in our daily lives. CRISP member Oscar Tomico will also present on the topics of connected health and ultrapersonalized fashion.

The program starts with an inspiring seminar with experts and demo’s in the themes ‘Ultra-personalized Fashion’ & ‘Connected Health’. The afternoon will be continued with an innovation expo on which you can experience innovative wearables, and where you can further discuss the topic during the round table discussions. You are also welcome to join the extended program during the evening hosted by Bright - Bright Night.

You can register for the event here.

For more information, please visit the website of DutchTechnologyWeek.

Source: DutchTechnologyWeek

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