SELEMCA and G-motiv at Innovation Relay Fair

Over 5000 participants visiting the Innovation Relay fair resulted for SELEMCA in a long day of scientific outreach, lobbying, and sentisizing the public with robots. SELEMCA proved to be a gateway for care facilities, entrepreneurs, and government to network with scientists, build new partnerships, while catching up on How to Build a Caredroid (high res, low res). Many came to realize how social robotics can benefit their businesses. Guido Landheer, director Top sectors and Industry Policy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Mathijs van Dijk, business developer at Wellldesign were particularly interested in further dialoques in how to build a new Carebot industry in the Netherlands.
Presenting beautifully designed real 3-D prototypes like 'What Remains?' by Alessia Cadamuro, the  Smell-Memory Kit by Susana Cámera Leret, as well as 'Active Cues', by Hester Anderiesen instead of digital products on screens, G-motive received lots of positive attention. The presentation yielded interest from a documentary maker about 'What Remains?' and a patent attorny, that would like to advise bringing products to the market. Questions like: 'Is it ready for use?, Where can I buy it?' were repeatedly asked at the Innovation Relay, as well as at G-motiv's presentation at VGCT najaarscongres.

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