Ik ben STER(k) has been nominated for the Dutch Design Awards

Emilia Louisa Pucci recently graduated cum laude at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering with Prof.dr. David Keyson, dr. Ingrid Mulder and Leo Remijn, MSc in her supervisory team. For her graduation project entitled Ik ben Ster(k) Emilia joined Creating 010 to participate in meaningful social innovation projects and worked closely with CRISP PSS 101. 

Ik ben Ster(k) explores the interplay of participatory and co-design techniques in designing a hybrid community platform (PSS) to leverage local social capital in a suitable area of Rotterdam. The design of the PSS will employ online social media and ubiquitous technologies aimed at creating a cohesive hybrid community. The resulting peer-to-peer talent-developing platform strengthens the position of stigmatised young adults. It focuses on the passions and interests of this group, and uses new technologies to increase the participation of these young people. This strengthens their position within their own community. The jury (Koert van Mensvoort, Jeroen van Erp, Bart Hengeveld, Marleen Stikker and Paul Gardien) appreciates the fact that a designer is concerned about young people in difficult social circumstances. The first experiments that Pucci carried out with this platform have been successful: practice has shown that through this platform the self-image of the young people has grown more positive, that they are developing leadership skills and that their creativity is stimulated. See more at:

See the inspiration with your own eyes: More info can be found at and the IK BEN STER(K) project page:

The winners will be announced during the award ceremony on Saturday 19 October, during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The work of all finalists and winners will be exhibited from 19 till 28 October 2013. You can still vote for the Fontanel Public Award. 

Please use your twitter and Facebook account to vote for "IK BEN STER(K)” at: or come to the exhibition in Eindhoven.

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