Design Review Sessions 7: Design Research for Well-being

CRISP has entered its final year of research. This is the moment to give an extra push to disseminating the knowledge we gained to the community, the creative industry and the society at large.

The morning sessions are devoted to intensive workshops aimed at zooming out from project-level to programme-wide knowledge, tools and shared findings. As such we strengthen our position, and are able to pinpoint the challenges of future research. In this last ‘working’ DRS before our closing conference in June, the morning sessions are specifically aimed at CRISP project members and we make this an intense working session. All CRISP project members are expected to join as your  input will be indispensable!

Design Research for Well-being
The afternoon of this DRS7 will be open to a large audience and the creative community of the Dutch Design Week. The new CRISP Magazine #4 and the DRS7 Lecture Roulette series will spiral around the topic of design for well-being. In four rounds various speakers lecture on topics from their design practice and research relating to well-being. Confirmed speakers include Paul Mijksenaar, Timo de Rijk and Caroline Hummels. 

Registration CRISP Members
CRISP project members can register for the morning and afternoon programme here (before Friday 17 October).
You are of course more than welcome to invite friends and colleagues for the afternoon programme.  

Registration External Audience
If you are not a CRISP project member, you can register for the afternoon programme  here (before Friday 17 October).

This edition of CRISP’s Design Review Sessions is part of DRIVE, the Design Research & Innovation festival for the creative industry. DRIVE brings together designers, scientists, businesses and government and presents research & innovation agendas on the topics: Business Innovation, Create Health, Create Energy, Smart Industry and Smart Culture. These two days of design research have found a location in Natlab, at Strijp-S during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Keep an eye on the CRISP website ( for the latest confirmations and for more information on the DRIVE festival, navigate here.
Should you have any questions, you can direct them to:

Looking forward to seeing you all at DRS7 in Eindhoven on 23 October!

CRISP’s CKO-team



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