Design Review Session 4: Project Crosslinks


On the 24th of April the fourth Design Review Session was held at an extraordinary location that floats on the IJ, the river behind Amsterdam CS.

Paul Hekkert, Chairman of CRISP's executive board, opened the DRS by presenting the first CRISP magazine to Marianne Hammersma, director General Culture and Media from the Dutch ministry of Education, Culture and Science. In her short speech she emphasized the importance of doing such multi-disciplinary research for the Dutch Creative Industries to mature. 

CRISP is now half way its four-year programme, therefore the eight project leaders were asked to present their mid term results. They only had a quick four minutes to present after which Valentijn Byvanck (moderator of the day) did a Q&A to get more insightful information on how society and the design field will benefit from the results of each project.

After lunch, CRISP's traditional discussion rounds were planned, this time focussing on finding possible crosslinks and opportunities for collaboration between the projects.

Marco Steinberg (Director of Strategic Design / Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund) gave an interesting keynote speech. Jasper van Kuijk, comedian and design researcher, gave a critical but good reflection on the day's outcomes and design and design research as a whole. The day was concluded with a plenary interview of Paul Hekkert and members of the International Scientific Advisory Board, which consists of Cees de Bont, Kees Dorst, Marc Hassenzahl, Tom Rodden, Roberto Verganti, Robert Young.

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