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The Design Professional: Inaugural Lecture of Prof. dr. Dirk Snelders

Why is it that IDE graduates apply to many jobs that do not specify an IDE educational profile? How distinct are the design capabilities of IDE-graduates from that of other Delft engineers? -and from graduates of other schools on industrial design? IDE-graduates experience a constant battle to explain and promote the IDE value for the industrial organisations.  IDE-graduates are not alone in this. Frog design, one of the largest industrial design consultancies in the world, explains its capabilities to industry on the Web with the illustration on the left.
The inaugural lecture of Dr. Dirk Snelders addresses this. 
His lecture is about the professionalization of industrial design in general, and IDE graduates at TU Delft in particular. Dirk Snelders will talk about the capabilities of professional designers, and how these will change in the future as a result of the new challenges and demands coming from the service industry.
Where? Aula Auditorium - TU Delft
When? 13 March - 15.00

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