CRISP #1 magazine "Don't you design chairs anymore?"

CRISP # 1 magazine is published online! 
"Don't you design chairs anymore?" represents and discusses the changing role of designers due to their involvement in strategic issues and  the challenges that are involved in developing complex product service systems, like robots in healthcare. This is explained in columns and cases by scientist and design practitioners. It shows the creative industry is full of ideas and initiatives that can help develop the knowledge and networks that are required to successfully cooperate in preparing for future challenges. It is an effort to convince a wider audience of the merit and the aim of CRISP and the dedication of the active CRISP community.
Amsterdam, April 24th -  Blessed with a spot on title, CRISP's first magazine was handed to Marjan Hammersma, Director General Culture and Media of the ministry of OCW, during the fourth half yearly knowledge and network meeting Design Review Sessions 4 of CRISP's research programme, by Paul Hekkert, member of the Executive Board.

A copy of CRISP #1 magazine can be ordered for € 14,95 through our contact form.

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Janneke Vervloed

As a CRISP Knowledge Transfer Officer I will work with the scientific partners and the creative industry to scan the project results and experiences and help transferring these to the desired audiences.