about crisp

The Creative Industry Scientific Programme will develop a knowledge infrastructure that will consolidate its leadership position as pioneer research programme within the Dutch Design Sector and Creative Industries and will stimulate its continuing growth.

CRISP focuses on the development of Product Service Systems and on generating and disseminating the knowledge, tools and methods that are needed to design complex combinations of intelligent products and services with a highly effective user experience.

CRISP is supported by FES funding from the Dutch government and a consortium of scientific and industrial partners. 


The Dutch Creative Industry is internationally renowned; Dutch Design is one of the Netherlands’ key value-adds. The Creative Industry Scientific Programme (CRISP) has been initiated to develop knowledge, tools and methods that strengthen the knowledge of the Design Sector and the Creative Industries as a whole, ensuring that they retain their competitive edge. This translates to our key objectives for the Dutch creative sector:
to build sustainable partnerships with their clients at a strategic level; to substantially contribute to major social/societal challenges of the 21st century.

The CRISP consortium, of Design Partners from leading Dutch Universities and Design Academies, has combined forces with business partners in different sectors of the Dutch economy. They are working together on key projects, creating new knowledge and understanding of the design, development, production and embedding of Product Service Systems (PSS).

PSS is an emerging field: a PSS is greater than the combination of a Product and a Service alone. PSSs bridge the traditional gap between design, development, manufacture and retail: all players are involved in the final result. PSS design and development is thus challenging and complex: players from the many fields involved have to communicate and collaborate throughout the creative and manufacturing process to achieve the desired customer satisfaction.

Creating knowledge is not just an internal programme aim or an academic exercise. The knowledge resulting from the eight different projects will be made available to the Dutch creative industry and its clients in Dutch industry, the public sector and other societal actors. All of the projects are committed to the multiple and continuing forms of communication, ranging from theses, papers in leading journals, workshops and congresses, as well as new educational curricula. This last to ensure that this new knowledge is embedded in the education of new generations of Dutch design students, helping them maintain their competitive edge. The information generated is available via this web portal.

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