The Creative Industry Scientific Programme will develop a knowledge infrastructure that will consolidate its leadership position as pioneer research programme within the Dutch Design Sector and Creative Industries and will stimulate its continuing growth.


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CRISP at the Design Research Society 2014 in Sweden

The field of Design research is growing quickly. Often academic conferences focus on specific topics, the Design Research conference in Umea (Sweden, June 2014) questioned big societal issues to push the boundaries of design research.


Thesis Presentation "Tools for Proximity

On Thursday 3rd of July Bas Leurs will present his master thesis: "Tools for Proximity: Helping designers to make sense in the boardroom". These tools help strategic designers and senior decision makers communicate and collaborate on innovating product-service systems and developing new value propositions.

Bas his graduation project was one of the activities in the PSS101 project.

Veylinx won!

Veylinx won the Insight Innovation competition in Atlanta for the most innovative market research tool!

Thanks to those who voted on Veylinx in the qualifying round.

Veylinx (CASD) allows you to find out when, what, and which consumers are actually willing to pay for a product, service or PSS.

Creative Confluence book cover

Creative Confluence: CRISP’s basic research into creativity

Just released to the market, Creative Confluence offers insight into one of the most prominent faculties of the human mind: creativity. From the book cover: “Unlike the regular ticking of a clock, humanity’s progress occurs in leaps and bounds. This is often put down to the erratic nature of our creativity.


CRISP Visits Océ on 18 March 2014

The fourth CRISP Visit was held at Océ, where design research for PSS development has been going on for years, with all its ups and downs. Guido Stompff (senior designer at Océ, member of CASD) kicks off the visit by introducing the company.


Only a few places left for Ph.D. Summer School ‘Transforming the Future Built Environment’

Places are filling quickly for the Climate-KIC Summer School 'Transforming the Future Built Environment' from 7 – 18 July in Rotterdam!

The deadline for the second round of applications is Monday June 2nd.

Make sure that you have a chance to be considered, places are limited!


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