The Creative Industry Scientific Programme will develop a knowledge infrastructure that will consolidate its leadership position as pioneer research programme within the Dutch Design Sector and Creative Industries and will stimulate its continuing growth.


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by JAM

PSS Design Visual

During the Design Review Session of 19 April 2012, JAM made this large visual of PSS Design in CRISP.


Please comment, JAM loves feedback!





You can find more inspiring visuals of the project(s) in the attachment.


Slow Research & Slow Design

White Lady lecture 9th May
Designhuis Eindhoven


Pictures of CRISP Design Review Session, 19 April 2012

A slideshow of pictures that were taken at the CRISP Design Review Session on 19 April 2012 at Lijm&Cultuur, Delft.

Milan Breakfast talk strategic creativity
Gaby Odekerken
Lijm & Cultuur

CRISP PSS Design 19 April

The next CRISP Design Review Session on Product Service System Design will take place Thursday 19 April at ‘Lijm & Cultuur’, Delft.

Colleagues from all CRISP partner organizations are welcome to join us!

Make sure to register on time.

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