about crisp

The Creative Industry Scientific Programme will develop a knowledge infrastructure that will consolidate its leadership position as pioneer research programme within the Dutch Design Sector and Creative Industries and will stimulate its continuing growth.

CRISP focuses on the development of Product Service Systems and on generating and disseminating the knowledge, tools and methods that are needed to design complex combinations of intelligent products and services with a highly effective user experience.

CRISP is supported by FES funding from the Dutch government and a consortium of scientific and industrial partners. 


Universities with a design curriculum and design schools that educate students, design companies and industries employing their services have placed the Netherlands at the forefront of design. This leading position can only be maintained and improved by developing new and advanced knowledge structures to support the development of complex, innovative PSS.

CRISP is supported by FES funding from the Dutch government and a consortium of scientific and industrial partners. Partners are leading academic institutions, which are active in the field of Design, complemented by NWO (the Dutch organisation for scientific research). They collaborate with companies within the Creative Industries, the industry at large, public sector organisations and other knowledge institutes.

The main focus of CRISP is developing knowledge, methods and supporting tools that form a knowledge infrastructure for designing PSS. The results of the projects within the programme will be disseminated to all the players involved in the project as well as to Dutch Design related industries, the knowledge institutes and the public sector outside of the consortium.

CRISP has created a unique and extensive communication platform for the dissemination and transfer of knowledge. The results are embedded in the design world and its partner institutions. Within the consortium, knowledge transfer will occur half-yearly via Design Review Sessions and will be disseminated at an annual strategic conference scheduled during the Dutch Design Week. Partners from the technology field will directly benefit from the inspirational test bed projects. For guests from industry and the public sector master classes and round table discussions shall be organised. Communication aimed directly at academic audiences will be distributed through the publication of theses, papers and their conference participation. Students, post-grads and post-docs will find the PSS design-knowledge embedded in new educational modules and programmes.

This combination of open knowledge-transfer activities and audiences needs a well-organised and accessible central repository. This is to be found in this web portal, which has been created for all those who want to benefit from the knowledge generated from these projects. However, the portal is more than a knowledge database; it is an interactive forum where the full range of audiences; leading thinkers, the public, and project participants can exchange insights and opinions, comment on findings, publish papers on PSS and propose new areas for exploration.