Newsletter Active Cues #2

If the first Design for Dementia event from the 15th of October had to be described in some key-words, they would be: active, innovative and socially interactive. About thirty participants made the Active Cues kick-off a big success. Actice Cues is part of the G-MOTIV project and entails the stimulation of physical exercise for elderly with dementia.

The  day started with a presentation from Laura Eggermont. She talked about the relevance of physical exercise, not only for elderly with dementia, but for everyone. Physical movement allows a better functioning of the heart and thus leads to a better flow of blood to the brains. The slides of Laura can be found here.

Now everyone knew the relevance of physical exercise, it was time to practise what was preached. A quick lesson in Piloxing by Jolien Dijkstra (the Springlab) was given. Piloxing is a combination of boxing, pilates and dancing.

Active Cues will be at the Kleef Instituut in Rotterdam on the 28th of November. From 15.00 till 18.00 dr. ir. Roland Friele will talk about the use of technology in medical care. More information on the event can be found here.

If you want to know more about Active Cues and the upcoming events, please visit the Active Cues website.


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